About us

The history of the Legal-servicing company “Legalaid” in Lviv (which now is re-named to Attorneys at law “Bachynskyy and partners” or “BK partners”) dates back to the 2008. During this time, the company has managed to settle firmly in the legal market of Ukraine and may be confidently attributed to the top legal companies in Lviv that provide legal and advocacy services.

Our business deals with corporate, migration, tax law, as well as civil and family law, and a young branch of jurisprudence – IT-law.

The unchanging motto of “BK partners” team in our daily work is “Do your job well or do not do it at all”.

Our formula for successful settlement of the case is simple:

·         Speed: because time is money. We always do our best not to postpone our Clients’ cases and try to respond immediately;

·         Confidentiality: because the word is silver, but silence is gold. All Company employees sign strict confidentiality agreements;

·         Maximum of effort: because no pain, no gain;

·         Responsibility: we treat Clients’ cases as if they were our own.

One of the main specialties of the law firm – immigration and investment support of foreigners (http://migrate.com.ua/en). Basically, our lawyers provide full legal support for all legal needs of expats in Ukraine.

Other key legal specialization of our law firm are: tax law, real estate (purchase of real-estate, investigation and audit of the estate object), IT law and criminal law.

Attorneys, lawyers and accountants of our Company speak foreign languages, thus we are able to keep up with the times and protect the interests not only of our Ukrainian Clients, but of the foreign ones as well.
In particular, Attorneys at law “BK partners” represented investors and foreigners of the following countries: UK, USA, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Romania, Belarus, China, Latvia, Kingdom of Morocco, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Canada, New Zealand and others.