Marriage as a basis for admission to the citizenship of Ukraine

Foreigners which have no any legal grounds for the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship by the ” ground principle” (by territorial origin) or “blood principle” (by birth) upon their request can be admission to the citizenship of Ukraine.

General conditions for acquiring Ukrainian citizenship are:

– knowledge of and compliance with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine;

– knowledge of Ukrainian language within the extent sufficient for communication;

– permanent residence on the territory of Ukraine over the last five years;

– obtaining a permit for immigration to Ukraine;

– availability of legal sources of income;

– termination or renunciation of foreign citizenship.

However, for foreigners who married to a Ukrainian something simplified procedure for acquiring Ukrainian citizenship. For them instead of above five years need only two years of permanent residence on the territory of Ukraine.

The list of documents required for admission to the Ukrainian citizenship:

1) the application form;

2) 3 photo (3,5х4,5 cm, оn mat paper);

3) copies of all pages of the foreigners  passport  with a notarized translation into Ukrainian;

4) a notarized copy of marriage certificate;

5) obligation to terminate foreign citizenship or renunciation of foreign citizenship (for stateless persons);

6) a copy of the permanent residence permit;

7)  certificate (diploma) from an educational institution or a local government that the foreigner has actually speaks Ukrainian in volume sufficient to communicate;

8) certificate on foreigners bank account. Recall bank account must be at least 17.400 UAH;

9) certificate of no criminal record from the origin country of the foreigner;

10) receipt on payment of state fee.

The procedure of admission to the citizenship of Ukraine is very complicated and prolonged. It lasts about 1 year (sometimes even more). President of Ukraine accepted a decision about admission to the citizenship of Ukraine.

Then the foreigner is issued with a temporary identity card of Ukraine citizen. Foreigner will be able to get ukrainian passport if he documentary proof the termination of his previous citizenship.

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