Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

Permanent residence permit is a document that confirms legal grounds for a foreigner’s stay in Ukraine. It entitles a person to stay in Ukraine for unlimited period of time.

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine may be issued to a foreigner only on the basis of an immigration permit.

Ukrainian legislation establishes an exhaustive list of grounds, which give the right to obtain an immigration permit (and a permanent residence permit, as a result), namely:

– belonging to the Ukrainian citizenship in the past;

– making investments into Ukrainian economy in amount not less than one hundred thousand dollars;

– family ties with citizens of Ukraine (children, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren of the citizen Ukraine, guardians, trustees, wards citizens of Ukraine; as well, if the husband / wife of a foreigner is a citizen of Ukraine, and such persons are married more than two years);

– achievements in the field of science and culture, provided that such person’s immigration meets the interests of Ukraine;

– If the person is a highly qualified specialist or a worker, and Ukraine’s economy is in dire need of this specialization;

– Ukraine state interest in that person’s immigration;

– right to the citizenship of Ukraine under territorial origin;

– status of a Foreign Ukrainian, and husband / wife of Foreign Ukrainians;

– the status of a person who suffered from human trafficking, the living conditions in Ukraine over the past three years.

Moreover, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine annually establishes the immigration quota. In short, quota is a limited number of people who have a right to get the immigration permit in a certain year on every ground. But the quota does not include persons who are close relatives of Ukrainian citizens, whose immigration meets the interests of Ukraine, and those, who want to obtain the citizenship of Ukraine under territorial origin.

The very procedure of getting a permanent residence permit in Ukraine is time exhausting and complicated: the applications are considered by the State Migration Service for one year. And after that a foreigner is given a permanent residence permit.

The list of documents required for the application depends on the concrete ground for permit and varies in each case.

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