M&A Ukraine: Acquisition and sale of a ready-made business, company

A legal support during the acquisition of the company, purchase of the corporate rights (M&A):
During the acquisition of the existing business (company) the following legal services are provided:

  • prior review and documents analysis
  • preparation and submission to the Client a written report on a documents review, which includes legal conclusions on the Object, recommendations and/or warnings as regards the possible risks connected with its acquisition etc.
  • Working out and coordination with the Client of the general manner on the transaction of the Object purchase, working out and agreement of separate documents to be signed during the transaction of the Object purchase

Legal services during the sale of corporate rights:

  • prior review and documents analysis
  • giving recommendations and legal conclusions as regards a proper preparation and required actions for the preparation of the business (company) for sale
  • drawing up of all required documents and preparation of the company (business) for sale
  • working out and agreement of the general plan of the corporate rights sale
  • carrying out a general control and legal coordination of all actions on the business acquisition

Within outsourcing together with a legal review there may be rendered audit services by one of the biggest companies in Western Ukraine among groups and companies on the Ukrainian market of audit and consulting, which is a member of the international association of independent auditors, business-experts and consultants “Nexia International”.