Registration of individual entrepreneur

Registration of individual entrepreneurs is regulated by the Law «On state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneur». This registration includes a number of stages:

1. First of all, we should prepare all necessary documents. It is necessary to get from the entrepreneur a copy of his passport (all pages) and identification code. We prepared the power of attorney on representatives (our lawyers), who will register the individual entrepreneur. The power of attorney must be notarized.

In addition, the individual should determine the future types of business activity.

2. The choice of taxation. The state registrar independently sends information to the Pension Fund and tax administration. In this case individual entrepreneur, submitting documents, will be registered on general taxation system as taxpayer «automatically».

To register individual entrepreneur as taxpayer on a simplified system of taxation or as value added tax payer, you need also prepare and submit to the state registrar a statement on the election of a simplified system of taxation or an application for VAT registration.

The future entrepreneur chooses the system of taxation independently or with the help of our lawyers.

3. To register individual entrepreneur this individual or an authorized person shall submit to the state registrar the following documents: completed registration card №10 for state registration, copy of identification code, passport copy. State registration is free.

In certain cases, other documents may be additionally required, for example, notarized written consent of parents, if the requestor is an individual, who attained sixteen years and wants to conduct entrepreneurial activity.

The documents will be accepted by an inventory with a note of the date of acceptance.

4. The entrepreneur must be registered no later than the next business day after the receipt of documents to the registrar.

As a result of the registration the applicant receives extract from the Unified State Register.

The term of state registration of an individual entrepreneur is not more than the next day after  the date of the documents receipt.

The registrar may refuse in state registration if there is discrepancy between the data, indicated in the registration card for state registration of an individual entrepreneur, and the data, specified in the documents, submitted for state registration; an individual who wants to become an entrepreneur, has already registered as an entrepreneur in the USR; there is availability of restrictions for entrepreneurial activity, prescribed by law, as for an individual, contemplated to become an entrepreneur.

5. Seal is not compulsory according to legislation, but it can be an additional way to protect your documents from counterfeit.

6. You should submit the book of income to the tax administration.

To register an individual entrepreneur, prepare  all necessary documents, get advice on the registration of the private entrepreneur, contact us using tel. 0960020100,  or other contacts listed on the site.