The procedure of printed media registration

Today we cannot imagine life without the media. All media have inherent characteristics, such as mass character and accessible to the public. However, most editions are obviously designed to a particular class of persons with common professional purposes.

The procedure of printed media registration

Registration of the printed media under current legislation is rather complicated. Nevertheless there is a detailed order of registration, foreseen by the Law of Ukraine “On printed media (press) in Ukraine”.

Both physical and legal entities, as well as labor collectives of enterprises can be the founders of print media. It is noteworthy, the law does not restricts the circle of founders only by Ukrainian entities; a legal entity of other foreign countries also have a right to be founders of Ukrainian printed media.

Thus, to register the printed media in Ukraine, the founder has to submit an application to the territorial subdivision of the Ministry of Justice. The application must contain the following data:

1)      Information about founders;

2)      Information about persons related to the founder;

3)      Type of edition (for example, newspaper, magazine, newsletter, book, etc.);

4)      Status of the edition;

5)      Name of the edition;

6)      Language of the edition (it is allowed to indicate several  languages to be used by the editorial board);

7)      Area of distribution, which corresponds to the territorial principle. The applicant should mention whether the  printed media will be distributed within one region or several regions of Ukraine;

8)      Categories of readers of your edition;

9)      Program goals of the editions;

10)   Expected frequency of publications (annually, monthly, weekly, daily);

11)   Format of the edition (refers to the page sizes);

12)   Legal address of the founder;

13)   Address of Editorial Office.

The term of documents considering is 1 month.

It should be emphasized that the registration of the media is a paid service. The sum of state registration fee varies depending on the type of the edition. And depending on the area of distribution, the state body, providing the printed media registration and peculiarities of the procedure may be changed.

Our services include the following:

– Oral and written consultations on the state registration of print media;

– Preparation of the necessary documents;

– Submission of documents to the competent state body;

– Receiving a certificate of state registration of printed media.

This article does not fully disclose all the features of printed media registration, thus, for full consulting, please contact us via telephone or e-mail.