Territorial origin as the basis to obtain citizenship of Ukraine


Territorial origin – the most common way to acquire citizenship of Ukraine. In the past 5 months of 2015 (according to statistical indicators of the Migration Service of Ukraine), about 2,900 people obtain Ukrainian citizenship on that ground.

For the acquisition of citizenship by territorial origin takes into account two main criterions. The first criterion – birth or permanent residence to proclamation of Ukraine’s independence (to August 24, 1991) on territory that became the territory of Ukraine according to the Law of Ukraine “On Succession of Ukraine” and the second criterion – birth or permanent residence on the territories that historically previously belonged to Ukraine.

Acquire citizenship by territorial origin can not only a person who wishes to become a citizen of Ukraine immediately born or lived on the aforementioned territories, but also if there was born one of her parents, grandfather or grandmother, whole brother or full sister, son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter.

In comparing to other ways of acquiring citizenship, execution of acquiring the citizenship by territorial origin is considerably easier, in fact it is necessary to collect the relatively small package of documents and terms of consideration of statement are far shorter (about 3 months).

Therefore, in order to acquire Ukrainian citizenship by territorial origin must be submitted the following documents:

– the application form;

– 2 photo size 3,5×4,5 cm (on mat paper);

– a document confirming birth or permanent residence in Ukraine;

– the obligation to terminate foreign citizenship (or declaration of the absence of citizenship for stateless persons, a statement about the change of citizenship if there is an international agreement between Ukraine and foreign countries about automatic termination of foreign citizenship with the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship).

The indicated  list of documents is fundamental and depending on the specific situation may be supplemented by other documents.

Simultaneously with the submission of documents for execution of acquiring the citizenship also submitted applicant’s passport with notarized translation into Ukrainian and document confirming the fact of legal applicant’s residence in Ukraine.

All documents are submitted by the applicant personally to the relevant territorial subdivision of Migration Service or to the diplomatic representation or consular office (if a applicant permanently is outside Ukraine).  The application for acquiring the citizenship of a child with other documents submitted by one of her or his parents.

In case of documents absence by means of that it is possible to set the presence of fact of birth or permanent residence on territories of Ukraine or presence of corresponding family relations for acquiring citizenship filed a court decision.


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