Ukrainian archive certificate for foreigners

Archive certificates and copies of birth and origin documents may be required for many procedures in various fields.

Usually, archive certificates are required for citizens of Ukraine to execute status of immigrants, visa application procedures, establishing kinship in hereditary cases etc.

However, often applying to archival institutions in Ukraine is necessary for foreigners.

For example, citizens of the USA, Canada and other countries to obtain citizenship or registration of residence in the European Union, must confirm birth of their parents in these countries.

Taking into account that some territory of modern Ukraine previously belonged to other European countries, for example, Romania, the entire documentation, including birth information is stored in the respective state archives of Ukraine.

It should be noted that copies of birth certificates are not issued by archives (unlike duplicate issued by the Registry Office to persons whose birth registration carried out by such bodies). Archival institutions establish information about the origin on the basis of the register and church books that were conducted including at the beginning of the last century.

Archival institutions issue certificates, which confirmed the information about the birth. Such archival certificate is an official document.

To obtain this archive certificate, you must submit an application to the archive, which contains information on:

– First and last name of the person information of whose is requested;

– Date and place of birth;

– Religion;

– The purpose of obtaining such information.

In addition, with the application form it is necessary to submit a document confirming the identity of the applicant and the applicant’s family ties with the person information of whose is requested.

To apply for a certificate, our lawyers also need to have a document that empowers us to act on your behalf (Power of Attorney).

Term of receiving the archive certificate – about 3-4 weeks from the date of filing documents.

The cost of our services is about 100-300 USD. This price includes the official fee for issuing certificate, travel expenses in case if archival institution is situated in another city, and may include the cost of translation and official certification of document for use in the territory of a foreign state.

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