3 stages how to obtain a driving license for foreigners in Ukraine

Because of the complicity of the procedure for obtaining an international driving license in Europe, foreigners made their way to Ukraine, where they could obtain  the driving license much more easier, and even make a purchase of it. Recently, more and more foreigners come to Ukraine for the driving license, as they are valid in the European Union (there is an individual order of replacement driving license on national in each country). Inventive Ukrainians resorted to various machinations and help to quickly obtain a Ukraine driving license of international standard for foreigners and propose mediation services for them in Ukraine. Therefore, foreigners cheats on such promises to “resolve the situation” in a very short time. Consequently, trustful people become victims of fraud and obtained fake driving license.

The Ukrainian media has repeatedly lit a number of scandals related to the officials when using “mediators”, foreigners receive a driving license for two days without required documents as a result of this, Ukraine driving license is withdrawn due to gross violation of the current legislation, and offenders carrying criminal penalties.

6 reasons why foreigner ought to choose Legalaid to obtain a driving license in Ukraine :

– Legalaid is officially registered in Ukraine legal-servicing company, headquartered in Lviv,  main focus of which is the migration law and specialized assistance to foreigners which includes the area of ​​providing assistance in obtaining driving license for foreigners in Ukraine;

– We work exclusively under the Contract of legal services;

– We provide highly-qualified legal assistance in obtaining a driving license in Ukraine since 2008 and therefore have considerable experience in this area;

– We guarantee a result – obtaining a driving license legally and without any consequences;

– We comply with all established terms and requirements of the legislation that eventually protect from various risks ;

– Also, we save you time, because many disqualified lawyers and mediators promise to produce a driving license in Ukraine, they say that everything what foreigners need is residence permit for 6 months, this information about Ukraine driving license isn’t valid very often. As a result you don’t obtain  a driving license in Ukraine or with great cost of time for incompetent persons.

In this article we briefly describe the steps that foreigner need  to go through to obtain a Ukraine driving license of category A1; A; B; B1; C; C1; BE; D; D1; VE; S1E; CE; D1E; dE; legally and quickly.

Stage 1:

To get the Ukrainian driving license,  foreigner must obtain a document with a registration of residence in Ukraine. This document is a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

The most common reasons how to obtain temporary residence permit:

a) study;

b) work;

a) marriage;

Details of the reasons, and the scope of persons who could obtain it, described in our article “Temporary Residence Permit

Step 2:

After receiving residence permit in Ukraine, you must apply for enrollment in a driving school for foreigners with the appropriate list of documents namely:

– Application for enrollment to the driving school

– Copies of passport and document which contains registration in Ukraine ( temporary residence permit )

–  Medical Certificate

Training in driving school for foreigners lasts usually 1,5-2 months.

Stage 3:

After the training, person passes the exam in driving school. By the results of the exam at school, foreigner is allowed to pass the exam in the registration and examination department of the State Automobile Inspection MIA of Ukraine.

The day after passing the exam, foreigners obtain Ukrainian driving license.


We are a legal-servicing company and provide services of obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, which is necessary for  driving school (Step 1).


If you want to obtain driving license in Ukraine or you need help in making a driving license for foreigners, you may write or call to our lawyer  tetianakordiiaka@gmail.com,  or tel. +38 (096) 002-01-00 or seek other contacts listed on the site.



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