Invitations for foreigners to Ukraine

It is possible to enter the territory of our country for various reasons, but the common rule is that one shall get a visa.

There are three types of Ukrainian visa:

• transit (type “B”;  is made for people who stay in Ukraine only on their way to another country;  this is an annual visa, that can be one-time, two-time or multiple, but a person can stay in Ukraine for not more than five days);

· short term (type “C”, issued for 180 days for those who plan to stay in Ukraine up to 90 days within this period);

• long-term (type “D” – is a one-time 45-day visa that is made when a person goes to Ukraine to prepair documents for the further stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days. For example, when you conclude a contract of employment for a long term and plan to work in our country, i.e. a short-term three-month visa is definitely not enough for you).

Recently, cases of foreigners’ deportation became more often right “at the border” of Ukraine. The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine refuses to pass foreign citizens into the territory of Ukraine, if they are trying to get to Ukraine on the basis of tourist invitation (travel voucher). Thus, foreigners are stopped at the border and are deported. The State Border Guard Service explains its actions as the following:

• The type of Ukrainian visa opened, does not coincide with real purpose of stay in Ukraine;

• Foreign citizens cannot clearly explain the purpose of their stay in Ukraine;

• Foreigner doesn’t know the tourist route in Ukraine;

• “Tourist” does not know, where and how to find the travel agency, which must meet him;

•The foreigner also cannot tell the phone number and the address of the travel agency.

And dozens of other questions that remain unanswered, and which can easily become a trap for visitors, or may cause a refusal at the border of Ukraine. Taking into account that the questioning of a tourist is held via audio- and video-fixation, there are no chances for appeal.

Special attention is paid to the citizens who come from the “countries with high migration risk”.

In this connection, it is desirable for citizens of some African, Arab and Asian countries not to use travel vouchers, but produce an official guest (private) or working (business) invitation for visa to Ukraine, issued and certified by the State Migration Service of Ukraine instead.

Let us make a stress on a short term visa, mainly, on how to make the invitation for it. This procedure seems to be simple, but requires a great care in documents preparation.

In the process of making an invitation there are the following members:

firstly, the receiving party – Ukrainian – it may be represented by individuals(citizens of Ukraine or foreigners / stateless persons, permanently residing or staying in Ukraine) and legal entities (either Ukrainian legal entities, or foreign representative offices operating in Ukraine);

secondly, the territorial unit of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, which issues the invitation.

Paper nuances, associated with the invitation making for foreigners, are laid on the Ukrainian side that invites a foreigner. Required documents include:

1) a filled application form;

2) a copy of the passport of receiving party;

3) a copy of a foreigner’s passport with the personal data;

4) the informational confirmation of the financial ability of the receiving party to maintain the foreigner financially – a bank statement or a letter of guarantee.

When making the business invitation, the documents submitted are the same, however, the receiving party must prepare an order of the director.

With the properly filled documents we apply to the competent department the State Migration Service of Ukraine, pay the fee and wait for 20 days. Then can take ready invitation.

We’d like to stress the point that for citizens of some countries visa is not required.

If you have got any questions, please, feel free to contact us and ask.

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