Public-private Partnership

One of the new and promising practices of our Company is public-private partnership. Multilateral cooperation with state and local authorities, participating in priority projects and signing partnership agreements opens up new business opportunities.

Considering the process of European integration and democratization in Ukraine, public-private partnership is becoming more developed. In addition to traditional forms of cooperation with the state in the form of capital investment, tender procedures and competitions, our team can offer your business new and interesting ideas and develop them. The distribution of funding and risks between public and private partners, the possibility of investment in promising projects in the areas with a limited access by the government for various reasons, socially oriented activities combined with high profitability, and creation of a positive image of your Company in society – that is only a short list of positive aspects of participation in public-private partnership. The practice of public-private partnership is conducted by Senior Associate Natalia Vasylechko.

The main services provided by our company in this area:

– Search and individual selection of projects within public private partnership;

– Multilateral cooperation with state and local authorities on joint projects;

– Development and legal support of the public-private partnership agreements conclusion;

– Tender support;

– Consulting on the conclusion of concession contracts, property management contracts, real estate leasing, joint activities within the public-private partnership;

– Legal support and representation of the private partner before government agencies and local government.

Experience in cooperation with government agencies, understanding the realities of business in Ukraine and in L`viv particularly, enables our team to choose the best solution for your company’s interests.

Якщо у Вас є запитання Юрист допоможе Вам

Nataliya Vasylechko

Якщо у Вас є запитання Юрист допоможе Вам

Taras Bachynskyj