Contract law

Drafting of a contract is a long and creative process, that includes the preparation of the agreement as well as predicting all possible risks that may arise during its performance until its termination. The significant experience of “Legalaid” lawyers in the field of conclusion, execution, termination of various contracts allows to protect your business interests, will ensure the preservation of partnership with the counterparty, as all controversies between the parties will be settled before any dispute.

Thus, if you have a need to conclude a contract that is important to you or your business –you should not rely on yourself, positive feedback about counterparty or on the off chance. Our team uses the latest practical achievements in the field of contract law to protect your interests.

The managing partner Taras Bachynskyy, Senior Associate Natalia Vasylechko and Associate Irena Naida are leading specialists in contract law practice.

The main legal services provided by the company in the field of contract law:

• Contract drafting (sale, exchange, supply, donation, rent, lease (sublease), service providing , transportation, loan, grants, storage, insurance, commissions, agency contracts, credit agreements, license agreements, mortgage, surety, trust management, the division of property, alimony setting, covenants of marriage, inheritance, factoring, joint venture, foreign economic contracts, labor, collective, provisional contracts, contracts on replacement parties to the obligation etc.);

• Legal review of existing contracts for compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine;

• Pre-contract review of the client counterparties’ legal documents;

• Participation in negotiations concerning the contract terms and at the conclusion of contracts, including those that require notarization and state registration;

• Preparation of other legal documents that ensure business, investment and other activities of an entity (letters, reports, complaints, answers, etc.);

• Participation in the process of court settlement of contractual disputes;

• Judicial protection in disputes arising from the contractual relationship.

One can’t help without saying that the absolute majority of disputes arising from the contract prepared by our lawyers were solved without court proceedings, which indicates their high legal perfection.

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