Hotel and restaurant business

Hotel and restaurant business has always been considered one of the most interesting entrepreneurial undertakings. L’viv can be easily called the first city in the hotel and restaurant business in Ukraine. The development of tourism constantly opens the door to new projects.

However, the opening formalities of a restaurant, cafe or hotel, relate to many different administrative procedures and permits that must be obtained from different public authorities. The practice of hotel and restaurant business is closely linked with another our practice – Licensing and permits.

Legalaid has a wide experience of catering establishments opening in L’viv, and of legal counseling in the area of hotel and restaurant business.

Selection of the correct legal vehicle for such businesses, peculiarities of taxation, complexities in purchasing real estate should be taken into account. Specialists of our law-firm are always able to offer specific and individual solutions; teamwork and successful experience in legal servicing of the hotel and restaurant business in Ukraine will provide efficiency and reliability of our services.

The Managing Partner Taras Bachynskyy and Senior Аssociate Natalia Vasylechko are leading specialists of the company in this area.

The list of main services provided by our Company in the field of hotel and restaurant business include but are not limited to:

• Selection of organizational and legal form, state registration of a business entity;

• Legal support for the real estate purchase and rental services;

• Receiving of SES permissions (Sanitary and Epidemiological Service);

• Receiving of MES permissions (Fire Department);

• Receiving the license for the retail sale of alcohol drinks and tobacco products;

• Legal support of entrepreneurship, consulting, development of contracts.

Якщо у Вас є запитання Юрист допоможе Вам

Taras Bachynskyj