IT law, e-commerce, e-procurement

IT law, e-commerce, e-procurement

Despite the rather scarce legislation on information technologies in Ukraine, Legalaid has been actively providing legal advice on software development and WEB-related legal questions for many years.

Such work allowed the law firm gaining unique experience in L'viv and understanding the procedure of IT business formation, taxation issues and specificities arising from labour contracts in this field, including distinctive questions about the protection of intellectual property rights.

Since the software development business is closely related to foreign investments in the L'viv region, the firm is experienced in conducting procedures before the  state registration of foreign investments, obtaining working permits and fiscal and migration services related thereto.

A separate area of experience is the opening of on-line businesses.

The leading specialists in this sphere are Managing Partner Taras Bachynskyy, Senior Associate Natalia Vasylechko and Juan Ramón Iturriagagoitia.

The main services provided by our firm in the IT-law practice include, but are not limited to:


·    IT-business formation in Ukraine, incorporation of companies, continuous monitoring of compliance with legal requirements, drafting and delivery of notices and agendas for shareholders meetings, drawing up of minutes, bookkeeping, managements of tax obligations, etc.;

·   Drafting of highly specialized agreements with non competition clauses, provisions about the transfer and protection of copyrights, confidentiality commitments, liability clauses, terms of use, etc.;

·    Drafting of legal documents for public announcements (public offer agreement, tender procedures, drafting of Terms of Reference, etc.);

·  Legal advice for franchising contracts, exclusive concession agreements, distributions agreements, PPPs, etc.;

·         Registration of copyright on computer programs in Ukraine;

·         Advice on the protection of trademarks for goods and services (including the usage of an unregistered trademark);

·         Registration of trademarks.

If you have question our Managing partner will help you

Taras Bachynskyj

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Nataliya Vasylechko

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Oleksandra Petrenko

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