Corporate law

Corporate law is one of the substantial areas in our practice. Realizing the importance of building an effective corporate structure for your business, our team is ready to offer a comprehensive approach to its creation, and to further issues arising during corporate restructurings, the creation of optimal legal and tax structures, advising on employment law in accordance with the current goals and objectives of the client.

Alongside with the practice in corporate law, our firm provides all legal services and advice that relate to starting and conducting your business in Ukraine.

Our corporate practice requires a coordinated and effective teamwork, especially when dealing with foreign investments and when designing the adequate legal architecture for start-ups.

Leading experts in the field are: managing partner Taras Bachynskyi, Senior Associate Yarema Lazor, Natalia Vasylechko.

The main services provided by our firm in this area include, but are not limited to:

·         Incorporation and registration of Limited Liability Company, registration of foreign citizens as Individual Entrepreneurs;

·         Incorporation of legal entities;

·         Amendments to statutory documents;

·         Mergers and acquisitions (M & A);

·         Mergers and acquisitions, restructuring (separation of legal entities);

·         Liquidation of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;

·      Advice about doing business as/with foreign partners (commercial contracts with foreign elements, registration of foreign investments, etc.);

·         Due diligence.

The combination of professionalism and our knowledge of the Ukrainian reality, and numerous years of experience, allows us to provide the highest level of services in corporate law.

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Iryna Shumska

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Nataliya Vasylechko

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Irena Naida

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Taras Bachynskyj