Real Estate

Because of the rapid development of the real estate market, this legal practice has become one of the most popular not only in Ukraine, but in L`viv in particular. Taking into account financial risks that exist in carrying out operations in the real estate business, the assistance of qualified real estate lawyer and real estate agent accompanying such operations is a must.

We offer a wide range of services to support all types of agreements and activities related to real estate. Successful experience of our Company since 2008 concerning legal accompaniment of property buying and selling, investment programmes, commercial property lease agreements, obtaining the necessary permits for building, demonstrates the priceless experience that is the most important component in our Real Estate Law Department.

Taras Bachynskyy and Nazar Polyanskyi are the leading experts in this field.

The main services provided by our company in this area:

• consultations about the legal use of land and its recent changes;

• procedures for changing the legal use of land;

• drafting of sales, barter, lease, mortgage contracts, easement, emphyteusis, superficies, designing, work contracts and other agreements, as well as accompaniment of negotiations on their conclusion;

• consulting on all aspects of the privatization of real estate properties and accompaniment during the privatization process;

• obtaining building permits from the Inspection of State Architectural control, including registration of commencement of the construction declaration and final declaration of the works;

• registration of property rights on real estate;

• preparation of cooperation agreements with suppliers, construction companies, architects, designers, as well as companies that provide cleaning, communication and other services;

• obtaining permits and approvals in all public authorities that regulate the construction process, including Sanitary services, fire protection, water supply and drainage service, gas inspection, local government, Building Inspection, etc .;

• real estate investigations;

• support in dealing with public authorities engaged in land issues;

• real estate taxation.

Якщо у Вас є запитання Юрист допоможе Вам

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Якщо у Вас є запитання Юрист допоможе Вам

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