Tax and Customs Law

“Legalaid” provides a wide range of legal services in the areas of Tax and Customs law.

Today’s activity of regulatory authorities in Ukraine is usually associated with an exaggerated fiscal orientation, unnecessary complications, bureaucracy and opacity. For successful business it is necessary to construct the optimal and individual tax system for enterprises, taking into account all the features of the economic sphere, cash flows and financial policy of the company. Tax and customs aspects should be taken into account at every economic transaction, because often the absence or presence of certain provisions in a contract or other document may directly affect the taxing of sale goods, providing services or performing works. Moreover, during tax audits and other control measures, and especially in the case of additional tax assessment, it is practically impossible to manage without the assistance of qualified professionals. Our team has a wide experience in tax and customs law practices, successfully realized projects on tax advice and structuring of IT-companies, enterprises with foreign investments, support of foreign operations and disputes with regulatory authorities. Procedures of administrative and judicial claims against the decisions of tax authorities in the overwhelming majority have finished positively for the Client as well as appeals against the decisions of the customs value adjustments, actions and omissions of customs bodies.

The practices of Tax & Customs law in our company are headed by Managing Partner Taras Bachynskyy and Senior Associate Natalia Vasylechko.

The main services provided by our company in the Tax & Customs law practices:

• Legal consulting on tax issues;

 Tax optimization and structuring;

• Obtaining Certificate of a single tax payer;

• VAT-payer registration;

• Obtaining of a trade patent;

• Drafting administrative appeals against tax assessments;

• Appeals against decisions of the Customs value adjustments;

• Representation of clients’ interests at Tax and Customs Services;

• Tax litigation, appeals against actions / inaction of Customs Service officials

Якщо у Вас є запитання Юрист допоможе Вам

Nataliya Vasylechko

Якщо у Вас є запитання Юрист допоможе Вам

Taras Bachynskyj