Agricultural law

Agriculture is a sector of the economy, aimed at providing of the population with food and raw materials for a whole range of industries. Considering the rapid development of the agricultural sector, and the impending lifting of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land in Ukraine, lawyers began lately to explore more closely the regulations that apply to the agricultural industry.

The main peculiarity of our firm is considerable experience of legal assistance for the agricultural business community (buying and selling of agricultural land, buying and selling of corporate farms, oficial registration of deeds, legal advice on doing agricultural business).

Leading experts in the agricultural law practice are: Managing Partner Taras Bachynskyy, Senior Associate Yarema Lazor, Nazar Polianskyy.

The main legal services provided by the Company in agricultural law practice include but are not limited to:

– Legal advice on proper use of land, taxation;

– Legal analysis of land titles for plots, corporate farming, etc.;

– Drafting of purchase/sale agreements and agricultural land lease agreements;

–  Drafting contracts on mortgage and leasing for agricultural equipment;

– Legal assistance of investment projects concerning construction on agricultural land;

– Registration and renewal of titles to land and property;

– State registration of land ownership;

– Changing the legal use of land.

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Taras Bachynskyj