Family law

Family relations are among the oldest expressions of law in history. Not surprisingly, lawyers should be called upon to provide legal advice as soon as a couple undertakes first steps towards the creation of a family or relationship, notably in a multinational environment.

To begin with, prenuptial agreements, marital /marriage contracts, and estate and fiscal planning to minimize tax burdens come to mind together with classic concerns about conflict of law provisions and other risks. Complex and multifaceted immigration issues should be approached in such a way that the couple´s wishes take shape.

When divorcing or ending a civil partnership, different topics related to the division of marital property and assets, child custody, alimony, etc. are rather complicated. This complexity is often aggravated by strong emotions. As family law specialists we work with you towards a result that meets all your interests. Our firm is committed to a pragmatic approach for solving your problems by providing highly focused services in order to meet your needs. Our divorce attorneys pursue the settlement of disputes through amicable negotiations.

Our family lawyers are not only experts in law, but also experienced negotiators and mediators who will arrange important issues for you out-of-court. We will use expertise and best practices in your case.

Managing Partner Taras BachynskyySenior Associate Natalia Vasylechko and Associate Irena Naida are leading specialists in family law practice.

The main legal services provided in the family law practice:

• Prospects of litigation on family issues and support in their resolution in judicial and arbitral procedures;

• Drafting of prenuptial  agreements and marital/marriage contracts, ;

• Legal advice for clients on issues associated with common-law marriages (division of marital property, children);

• Representation of clients before courts, arbitral tribunals and government agencies in cases involving the dissolution of marriage (divorce) and the division of marital property and assets;

• Alimony, child support;

• Child residence, child custody and visitation, child education and child support;

• Judicial recognition of paternity.

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