«Respondere, cavere, agere»

Since the ancient Roman Empire, Clients’ representation before Courts has been one of the three main types of services rendered by practising lawyers. It is also one of the main services of our firm. Representation of Client’s before Courts and before arbitral tribunals aims at ensuring the effective protection of Clients’ rights.

Everyone wishes to avoid Court proceedings both in private and business life. So, the primary objective for our firm is also to prevent costly and time-consuming litigation. Unfortunately, some disputes can only be settled in Court, or before arbitral tribunals.

Our firm has acquired extensive experience in civil, commercial, economic, administrative and criminal Courts at all levels. Coherent teamwork contributes to our championing of results-oriented strategies and tactics when representing interests in all types of disputes, from those dealing with commercial and civil law, to tax disputes, divorce procedures, etc..

Legalaid provides an extensive range of legal services in the field of litigation: starting from the conceptualisation of a strategy and tactics about questions dealing with jurisdiction and ADRs, to drafting claims and any other plea, writ, document, etc. until requests for the recognition and enforcement of judgments and foreign awards. After close examination of the background information we can take over the defense of a case at any stage of the procedure.

The Leading specialists in litigation practice are: Managing Partner Taras Bachynskyy, Senior Associates Natalia Vasylechko, Yarema Lazor, and for foreign arbitral procedures, Juan Ramón Iturriagagoitia.

The main services provided by the firm in the field of litigation include, but are not limited to:


·         Negotiations and conciliation procedures;

  • Out-of-Court settlement of disputes duly documented;

·         Drafting of procedural documents (claims, statements of all types, writs, pleas, applications, etc.);

·         participation as arbitrators, sole arbitrators and chairmen of tribunals in procedures governed by regulations for numerous institutional and ad-hoc procedures;

·         Appeal procedures;

·         Enforcement of judgments and awards.

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Valeria Kolomiets