To whom it may concern:
We have been working with Bachynskyy Kolomiets and Partners for approximately seven years. During this
time, they have helped us to find both unique, as well as legal answers, in several areas of business and
charitable work, here in Ukraine. The firm is competent, effective, and efficient in its work. In several
instances, where there have been complicated, legal problems, which other attorneys and firms have not been
able to find answers to; they have consistently helped us, to find the right solutions.
One of the most important factors in working with this firm, is not only their competency, but their honest and
integral approach to all legal situations. They know how to listen to the client’s needs, and find results. We are
very pleased with their quality of service. Having lived and worked in Ukraine, for over 24 years, and having
dealt with many legal complexities unique to this country; this firm stands out to us, as the best that we have
worked with!
So, it is our great pleasure to both commend and recommend Bachynskyy Kolomiets and Partners, to the U.S.
Embassy, as well as to other companies, NGO’s and charities, to which referrals may be made.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at +38 067 676 6362.