Микола Савуляк
Клуб Ділових Людей
Taras Bachynskyy since October, 2011 is an active member of the organization “Business Community Club” and established himself exclusively from the positive side.
Mr. Taras proved to be a business, professional and sociable person, skillfully establishes contacts with various business and social status representatives, has a proactive life position.
Business Club Members repeatedly received professional advice from Taras on legal issues of doing business. Also on the initiative by Taras in 2013 was held a workshop for managers and business owners “Legal Aspects of Starting a Small Business on the example of the restaurant”, which gathered 52 participants. The event was a success and received positive feedback from participants, indicating a good lecturer speaking skills and ability to work with the audience.
Taras Bachynskyy today is a full member of the Business Club “Business Community Club” has a positive reputation among businesses and the public of the city and takes an active role in the development of entrepreneurship and education.
Business club by “Business Community Club” Taras recommends Bachynskyy cooperation.
Chairman of the NGO “Business Community Club”
Mykola Savulyak
E-mail: bc.club.main@gmail.com