Олег Майхер
ТОВ "Ексофт"

IT company “Exoft” expresses deep gratitude to the Law Company “Legalaid” for the quality legal assistance regarding provided business support.

Our company provides services in the field of programming and information technology, database design, software architecture design, testing and consulting. In the course of our business quite often there are situations when we need legal assistance. Have applied to the Law Company “Legalaid” we have received the qualified explanation of incomprehensible legal issues, and a full range of services that were necessary for the realization of our projects in Ukraine.

We appreciate the competent legal support from the earliest days of our company’s activity in Ukraine. Separately we would like to thank Taras Bachynskyy and Natalia Vasylechko for the ability to organize a team of specialists and for the available explanation of complicated legal aspects of our business.

The especially memorable was seminar on the confidentiality compliance and rules of communication with regulatory authorities, because we have got the fundamental knowledge that would be necessary in the future.

Thank you for your consistent support of our business and look forward to the further fruitful cooperation.



СEO of «Exoft»                                                  Oleg Maykher