Олександр Лазарчук
ТзОВ "Реміт"
Legal-servicing company “Legalaid” is a partner of our company LLC “Remit” (IT services) during many years. Lawyers distinguished by ability to find original and innovative solutions in legal situations, persistently helped us in issues related with our Swedish founders.
Limited liability Company “Remit” which is an independent partner of Swedish company Remit, highly appreciates co-operation with LLC “Legal-servicing company “Legalaid”.
Company employees have established themselves as professionals in providing services of amendments to the statute, developing of international-contracts to provide program services, legal and tax organization of business (tax counseling), obtaining work permit for our foreigner employee, obtaining temporary permit for foreign worker and residence registration for him, development projects of different types of contracts and their support during the negotiations and signing.
In general, lawyers and attorneys (especially executive director Taras Bachynskyy) deserve the best recommendations and over the years have shown us extraordinary speed of response to our needs and responsibility in work.
Lazarchuk Oleksandr,
+380 677765478
E-mail: alexander.lazarchuk@remit.se