Петро Рабінович
ЛНУ ім. Івана Франка
Managing Partner of Legal-servicing Company, Taras Bachynskyy, during his studies at Law Faculty of Ivan Franko National University of L`viv, beginning from his first year participated in the student theory of law and state scientific club. From the first years of studying he became interested in researching problems concerning juvenile justice and issues devoted to legal awareness and legal culture of minors.
According to mentioned issues Taras Bachynskyy prepared several reports which he delivered at club meetings, as well as student research conferences both at his faculty and at other cities institutions of higher education. While being a student at the law faculty about ten abstracts from his scientific works on the above mentioned issues were published at student research conferences. 
At the All-Ukrainian competition of student research works in Legal Sciences (Kharkiv, 2008), his scientific work was marked by diploma of the second degree.
Taras` thesis “Juvenile Justice: general theoretic and rule-making aspects”, 2009 was written on rule-making law specialty and received a high grade. This thesis included results of the sociological research, which was carried out by Taras Bachynskyy, concerning legal awareness and legal culture of several hundred high school pupils of the city.
All this showed Taras` great interest in the jurisprudential researches and specific skills for this type of work.
Therefore, it was naturally that he proceeded his post-graduate full-time studying at the theory and philosophy of law department of Ivan Franko National University of L`viv in specialty 12.00.12 – Philosophy of Law.
During his post-graduate studying, having shown the necessary for the jurist-researcher qualities (theme enthusiasm, diligence, discipline, analytical approach, etc.) Taras Bachynskyy prepared his PhD thesis on the approved topic “Forming the basis of legal world-view and legal culture among school youth (philosophical and legal survey)” and successfully defended it on fifth of December, 2013 publicly at the specialized academic council.
Taras Bachynskyy is a successful scholar (and lawyer) and deserves the best feedbacks and recommendations, especially to perform teaching and research job in higher legal education institution.
P. M. Rabinovych