Роман Радейко
НУ "Львівська Політехніка"
I had participated several times in trainings (seminars), scientific and practical events where Taras Bachynskyy took part both as a participant and a lecturer. He always us presented the solutions of actual legal issues. While his speaking engagements Taras accurately, clearly and precisely defines the main issues of the question raised, correctly expresses doubts and objections on the topics and provides ways to solve it according to modern scientific advances and provisions of law practice.
Moreover, I`m glad to present Taras Bachynskyy as a professional attorney at law, who has rich law-enforcing practice and enjoys the confidence of clients by providing them efficient legal services. Founded and managed by Taras «LegalAid» law firm – is a well-known brand in Western Ukraine with high business-friendly reputation and wide range of services (from legal advice and up to full legal support).
Additionally to law practicing, Taras made strong scientific contribution in the field of legal philosophy. Combining both practical and scientific activity, constant will to improve professional skills and customer service standards, allows Taras to successfully compete in the market of legal services and effectively solve client`s problems. I am convinced that due to Taras` skills, as a lawyer and philosopher of law, to continue growing professionally, even during the crisis, will contribute to the welfare of his clients and partners in the process of active cooperation.
I recommend Taras Bachynskyy, PhD, attorney at law, for cooperation in the field of theoretical and practical law.
Roman Radeyko
Department of Administrative and Information Law Assistant
Institute of Law and Psychology
National University “L`viv Polytechnic”