Віктор Саварин
Страхова Компанія "БрокБізнес"

Insurance Company “BROKBUSINESS” (Shevchenko department, L`viv), represented by the Savarin Victor and Christina Tryndyak highly values Legal-servicing Company “Legalaid”, represented by the Managing Partner Taras Bachynskyy as a conscientious insurance partner.

We are personally acquainted with Taras Bachynskyy since 2008. During this time, he has recommended himself as an honest, dedicated, responsible and hardworking person who always tries to reach new heights, and this is evidenced by chosen strategy of individual approach to specific tasks and the formation of a professional team.

Since his introduction, Taras always was distinguished by innovative thinking, creativity and desire to find new ways to implement his plan, with a deep and interesting inner world, sustainable system of principles and his own worldview. Undoubtedly, he has authority among friends and colleagues.

We believe that Legal-servicing Company “Legalaid” is a reliable partner who values its reputation and professional team that is committed to meeting the needs of each client. I sincerely wish constancy with business partners and the blessing of God in all endeavors.

We express our confidence in maintaining the existing friendly relations and hope for further mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.

We are confident that our joint efforts to reliable insurance and legal protection of citizens, despite external political and economic challenges allow us together to achieve goals – significant professional results, business and moral satisfaction of sincere society appreciation.



With deep respect and best wishes,

Shevchenko department

Insurance Company “BROKBUSINESS”

L`viv, Shpytalna str. 9 (2nd floor, of.12-14)

tel / fax: (032) 253-75-83

Mobil: (097) 223-88-69 Victor Savarin

(098) 281-10-10 Christina Tryndyak