Nataliya Vasylechko

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  • Senior Associate
Natalia joined “BK Partners” in October, 2013 as an Associate. Primary specializing in tax, customs and contractual law, Natalia takes part in development of other legal practices. She has a successful experience in court trials concerning challenging decisions on adjustment of customs value, inheritance, family, insurance law issues. Vide scope of professional interests and desire to improve her knowledge encourages Natalia to study new interesting spheres and participation in promising projects. Practices: • Tax/customs law • Contractual law • Corporate law • Legal support in court trials Professional interests: Transfer pricing, Company law Education: Master of law, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv; Master of economy and finance, L`viv Academy of Commerce. Achievements and social activities: Ukrainian Bar Association (member, since 2014); Ukrainian Bar Association (candidate for membership, 2011-2014); ELSA Lviv (member, 2010-2013); Winner of XI Stanislav Dnistrianskyi Ukrainian National Moot Court Competition on Civil Law and Procedure; Participant and organizer of IV, V, VI Ukrainian Law School on economic law and justice, I, II Ukrainian Law School on Securities and Stock Market, I Ukrainian school in the bankruptcy, seminars, workshops and conferences of Ukrainian Bar Association; National Moot Court Competition on civil and land rights Expert, judicial debates in the format of the European Court of Human Rights Expert(2013-2014). Languages: UA, RU, EN