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  • Managing partner
Taras Bachynskyy, managing partner at Legal-servicing Company “Legalaid”, attorney at law, Ph.D., lecturer at National University “Lvivs`ka Politechnika”.
Main specializations (law practices) of Taras Bachynskyy:
  • Migration Law
  • Contract law
  • Real estate and construction
  • Corporate law
  • IT-law
 Taras Bachynskyy graduated from law faculty of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, where he obtained his Masters degree in law. He obtained numerous awards for his scientific and social activity. Afterwards he started his postgraduate studies at Alma Mater (2009-2012), and during this period Taras Bachynskyy prepared scientific publications and participated in the development and analysis of regulatory documents under the scientific guidance of Professor Petro Rabinovych, Doctor of Law.
On the 5th of December, 2013, Taras Bachynskyy successfully maintained his thesis “Forming the basis of legal philosophy and legal culture among young people (philosophical and legal aspects)”.
Taras Bachynskyy has more than 50 publicist and scientific publications.
Taras Bachynskyy has been practicing law since 2008. Considerable experience is grounded on knowledge of the essence of the business and the needs of founders since Taras is not only a lawyer. Taras Bachynskyy is a lawyer , which is taking not standatd decision. Many legal services in the spheres of corporate, real estate, IT are innovative and perhaps first used in the Ukrainian legal market . The main motto of Taras is a responsibility and bringing cases to the effective completion.
 Social activities:
NGO “APHD” NGO “Business community club”
NGO “Taxpayers Association of Ukraine”
NGO “Ukrainian Bar Association”
Languages: UA, RU, EN